Make Your Passwords Strong & Unique

May 1, 2018

There’s a lot of strategies available for setting hard to crack passwords. The key things to get right are to make your passwords strong and unique; whilst promoting good password hygiene.

The stronger the better

Password complexity requirements are key to making sure that your password is strong:

  • Minimum character length
  • Diverse character groups (Uppercase, lowercase, number, special)
  • Password History

Additionally, don’t use personal details or dictionary words

There’s different opinions on regularly changing passwords – Refer to our previous blog post about not needing to change every 30 days:

Your password is unique – just like you!

Although it’s considered easier to remember; don’t use the same password for every account that you have.

Using unique passwords is highly recommended to reduce risk. If a password is compromised, damage is minimalised and controlled.

Example strategy for setting unique passwords:

  • Use a strong password base
  • Develop a standard rule (e.g. add the first letter of the site name to your password)
  • Apply the rule whenever you make an account

Using your own secret method of creating passwords, allows you to determine any of your passwords without writing them down.

Keep your passwords Clean

In addition to making sure that your passwords are strong and unique; practicing good password hygiene is essential to maintaining security of your accounts:

  • Don’t share your password with friends, family or colleagues
  • Don’t write your password down on a sticky note or in plain text

Your password is private and belongs to you. Practicing good password hygiene is fundamental to a secure password and reducing the threat of compromise of your accounts.

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